Brian Shumate

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Hi, I'm Brian.

I'm an art-making, slacklining, and boardsporting technobilly from the mountains of North Carolina who works with distributed systems and the web.

By day: I fight for the user by resolving complex issues in distributed systems environments and writing useful documentation.

By night: I make visual art, create web stuff, build robots, and write poetry.

Some of the tools I regularly use:

  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Docker
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Node.js
  • Meteor
  • Photoshop
Brian Shumate

Technology Interests

I am interested in a wide range of technologies — these are but a few that I enjoy working with both personally and professionally:

Maps & Map-making

I enjoy using open source technologies such as those by Mapbox to create beautiful and useful maps with public data.

Digital & Procedural Art

Technologies like D3, Nodebox, and Processing are always exciting to me for creating chaotic imagery based on obscure data inputs.

Software Robots

Software robots have always had a special place in my titanium reinforced heart ♥ especially the socially awkward ones.

Radio Frequency Engergy

As a General class amateur radio operator (K4APP), I enjoy all kinds of signals — especially the ones from space.

Systems Orchestration

DevOps and automation are favorite computer topics of mine; I like to save time by automating all the things!

Front End Development

From mobile and web application development, to the tools that help make it more fun and efficient. I dig front end stuff.

Recent Personal Projects

Here are some of my recent personal projects, including web applications, reusable code, and writing:

  • Water Everywhere

    Book: Water Everywhere

  • Longboard Today

    Web Application: Longboard Today

  • A Little Coffee Guidebook

    Book: A Little Coffee Guidebook

  • Haiku: Haiku: Ninjas and Rockstars

    Haiku: Ninjas and Rockstars

  • Ansible Role: Hubot

    Ansible Role: Hubot

  • Is it raining in Portland

    Microsite: Is it Raining in Portland?

  • @robo_pirate

    Twitter Bot: @robo_pirate

  • Ansible Role: Couchbase Server

    Ansible Role: Couchbase Server

  • Haiku: Happiness Tryouts

    Haiku: Happiness Tryouts

Some Folks Who Inspire Me

These are some really awesome people who have inspired me through their work:

Edna Piranha

A really cool person who has created some particularly stellar community oriented web projects; old school nerd who knows what is up.

Edna Piranha

Meatspaces, Revisitors, Big Boring System

Travis Goodspeed

Probably one of the most amazing hardware hackers on Earth and a fellow amateur radio operator. Travis forgives my people for invading his people back in the day.

Travis Goodspeed

Hardware Hacker Extraordinaire

Lena Reinhard

"Tech culture, nerdery, pizza & alpacas" doesn't begin to sum up this awesome champion of realizing equality in technology culture!

Lena Reinhard

Compassionate human and cool CEO

Brent Woodruff

A fantastic software engineer and mathematician; I have had the good fortune to be friends and a co-worker with Brent for years. He is a top notch human being.

Brent Woodruff

Bashmeister and Pythonista Extreme

John Hornbeck

Hornbeck is an artist and constant source of amazement and inspiration. He is very technical, but also firmly grounded in the ways of art, culture, and style.

John Hornbeck

Rad photographer and OG nerd

Marco Rogers

A great engineer and vocal friend of equality; Marco has positively informed my thinking on numerous occasions and for that I am ever grateful to him.

Marco Rogers

Engineer and advocate for social justice

Oona Räisänen

Oona is an absolutely fantastic source of constant inspiration; her work with reverse engineering data formats found in RF is mind blowing. Watch all of her talks!

Oona Räisänen

Signals and electronics hacker

Max Ogden

Max has been exciting me since the early days of Node.js and CouchDB — he is creative, prolific, and downright epic. I taught my daughter programming with JavaScript for Cats!

Max Ogden

Data Maven 9001 and Cat prince