Brian Shumate

Technology and Technical Writing

For some inane reason, I choose many years ago to work with and write about technology. Perhaps to quote a friend, it is because I work like no one is watching, and I love like I need the money.

The funny thing about humans is that particularly in in our current information age, we eagerly accept and apply all manner of technology without much regards to future side-effects. This is why I am confident that the future doesn't need us.

Art and Creative Endeavors

I make art because I have to make art to survive and because tacos are delicious.

I feel compelled to create things because they delight me for a time and because faces are for everyone, perhaps even you!

Community Participation

I choose to participate in some communities when the opportunity arises to share ideas and otherwise communicate unhindered by concentrations of power. One of the most admirable and artistic communities seeking a similar path in life that I've encountered is N55.