Photograph of Brian slacklining beside a Lake

Slacklining: a favorite outdoor activity


I’m an art-making, slacklining, and boardsporting technobilly from the mountains of North Carolina who works with amazing people and super powerful cloud automation and security technologies.

By day - I help people use awesome cloud infrastructure software like Vault, Consul, and Terraform. I also build, maintain, and contribute useful features and documentation to a variety of Open Source Software projects.

By night - I cook, make visual art, write books, build projects, and plan treasure hunts.

Some of My Personal Interests

I am an artist and a nerd, so I am interested in a wide range of art and technology — these are some of the ways that I enjoy working with both personally and professionally:


Using bits of managed chaos, algorithms, Machine Learning, and specifically tools like TensorFlow, NodeBox, D3.js, and p5.js are always exciting to me for creating art based on interesting data inputs.

Cartography & Mapmaking

Using Mapbox to create beautiful and useful maps with public data is always a fun and educational experience.

Radio Frequency Energy

I am licensed in the USA as a General Class amateur radio operator with the call sign K4APP, and enjoy all kinds of signals, particularly ones which originate from or otherwise traverse space.

Operations & FreeBSD Tattoos

I am well steeped in classic Systems Administration, but also knowledgeable and experienced about DevOps, automation, containerization, virtualization, and secrets management.

I have been a fan of Unix since the 1980s and began my personal journey as root on FreeBSD version 2.2.5, and as Kelsey Hightower hilariously mentions in his fantastic HashiConf 2017 Keynote, I am literally one of those people from the 90s with a FreeBSD tattoo!

Front End Web Development & Design

Having spent over a decade studying design, I do also like to apply what I learn and hack on front end web application stuff, especially UI related things, typography and so on; there are some examples of that kind of work in Projects.

Clouds passing by a window as an animated GIF