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Hi, I'm Brian.

I'm an art-making, slacklining, and boardsporting technobilly from the mountains of North Carolina who works with amazing people and super powerful software automation and security technologies.

By day: I fight for the user by resolving complex issues involving neat tools like Vault, Consul, Nomad, Packer, and Terraform. I sometimes contribute useful features and write documentation for open source projects as well.

By night: I cook, make visual art, write books, build projects, and plan treasure hunts.

Technology Interests

I'm a nerd, and am interested in a wide range of tech — these are some that I enjoy working with both personally and professionally:

Maps and Mapmaking

I enjoy using open source technologies such as those by Mapbox to create beautiful and useful maps with public data.

Digital and Procedural Art

Technologies like D3, Nodebox, and Processing are always exciting to me for creating chaotic imagery based on obscure data inputs.

Radio Frequency Energy

As a General class amateur radio operator (K4APP), I enjoy all kinds of signals — particularly the ones which originate in space.

Software Robots

Software robots have always had a special place in my titanium reinforced heart ♥ especially the socially awkward ones.


I enjoy classic systems administration, but also the topics of DevOps, workflows, automation, containers, and virtualization are all favorites too; It's also worth noting that I am am a FreeBSD fanatic for life, and as Kelsey Hightower mentions in his great HashiConf 2017 Keynote, I am one of those people from the 90s with a FreeBSD tattoo!

Front End Web Development

I occasionally dig front end web application stuff, especially UI things; I designed and built this site from scratch, for example.

View from Spaceship Earth

Slacklining is fun!

Slacklining is fun! Here I am having a grand time at one of my favorite slacklining and swimming spots.

Boone Longboarding Spots


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