Diaspora on FreeBSD

This is a small collection of brief notes and specs for installing a Diaspora project pod instance on FreeBSD 8.2, which is the setup I am was using at the create-o-plex pod before I stopped operating it.

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Diaspora* logo

I refer to these notes along with the Diaspora* installation instructions to get set up and running.

PLEASE NOTE: This content contains outdated and possibly irrelevant information.

Install prerequisite ports

These are the ports which you should update and install prior to cloning the Diaspora Github repository:

  • git
  • ImageMagick
  • libxml2
  • mysql51-server
  • www/nginx
  • redis
  • ruby19
  • sqlite3

Install bundler

You need to install the Ruby bundler utility for use with Diaspora:

sudo gem install bundler

Example Configurations

Here are some examples and snippets based on the configuration files I use in my FreeBSD based setup. Please note that my setup is experimental and although it runs in production mode and is monitored, it supports limited users and runs on a server with modest resources. These examples are just that. YMMV, etc. ;)


daemonize yes
pidfile /var/run/redis/redis.pid
port 6379
timeout 300
loglevel verbose
logfile /path_to_log_dir/redis/redis.log
databases 16
save 900 1
save 300 10
save 60 10000
rdbcompression yes
dbfilename dump.rdb
dir /home/db/redis/
appendonly no
appendfsync everysec
vm-enabled no
vm-swap-file /tmp/redis.swap
vm-max-memory 0
vm-page-size 32
vm-pages 134217728
vm-max-threads 4
glueoutputbuf yes
hash-max-zipmap-entries 64
hash-max-zipmap-value 512


  # Choose database. Currently supported: mysql, postgres
  db: "mysql"

  # Enable thin as application server
  enable_thin: true

  # Port on which thin should listen
  thin_port: 3000

  # We're running our Thin instances on sockets instead of ports
  default_thin_args: "--servers 3 --socket /tmp/thin.sock"

  # Possibilities are development, production
  rails_env: "production"


Relevant snippet from the nginx.conf showing sockets for Thin:

upstream thin_cluster {
    server   unix:/tmp/thin.0.sock;
    server   unix:/tmp/thin.1.sock;
    server   unix:/tmp/thin.2.sock;


Bundle Install Phase

SQLite3 gem install will fail to find includes at build time without setting this prior to running bundle install:

export CONFIGURE_ARGS="with-sqlite3-include=/usr/local/include"