A sunshine perma-mug!

A colorful illustration of a black colored Coffee cup with oranges and yellows

MUG: Illustration by Brandon Ortwein

I commissioned this illustration by the most fantastic Brandon Ortwein.

After seeing all of the delightful mugs in his “The Daily Coffee” collection of work on the subject, I knew he was the one to undertake this project, and fortunately he agreed to do it!

Brandon is a real professional and complete joy to work with; I highly recommend him for illustration work if you want to work with someone on top of their game or just admire his style.

I used the completed illustration to make postcards, which I then gave to my immediate teammates at Basho Technologies as a token of my appreciation for them during our time working there together.

It carries the message MUG, which was an internal morning greeting on the back of the postcard version.