Revenge of the Nerds

Being a nerd in the 1980s was an arduous existence.

A great threat to swelling one’s brain with knowledge and cavorting with code and circuits, especially in a university setting was the stereotypical jock.

Brutish and banal, these beastly characters were to be avoided and feared for they could pummel a fragile pencil-necked geek into a pocket-protected pulp.

There were even films made to reflect this condition, with the most popular being “Revenge of the Nerds”.

Photograph of characters from the movie Revenge Of The Nerds

Lambda Lambda Lambda or the nerd popularity event horizon

In this movie (highly recommended by the way), nerds use their supreme intelligence to overcome thuggish football players in the ultimate celebration of brains over brawn.

The nerddom evidenced in the 1980s slowly became a sort of cause célèbre that eventually elevated nerds to mythical status as the information age progressed. Nerds were somehow and almost inexplicably becoming cool.

Fast forward to now: long gone are the once justified fears of feeble-minded ogres beating the shit out of poor nerds. Nerds have turned the tables, and in their own way, have become quasi villains to be feared by the general populace.

  1. Nerds watch our every move, know our every desire and favorite thing, then use this information to try and sell that thing to us
  2. Nerds are at the heart of wickedly clever financial heists where the crooks never leave the comforts of their Aeron
  3. Nerds form the center of subterfuge and sabotage while waging war as state-sponsored threat actors — can I get a Cyber! Cyber! Cyber!, y’all?
  4. Nerds remain a community whose majority is dominated by insecure males who struggle in adjusting to adult life without their mother’s help while creating hostile and shitty environments for the minorities around them who wish to also be accepted as the nerds they truly are
  5. Nerds help design an build robotic death machines which seek and destroy both intended targets along with so-called collateral damage
  6. Nerds dodge the law within certain government entities to soak up all of our data, store them, classify them, mine them, and use them against us

Gone are the days of worrying about jocks doing physical damage — indeed, all nerds (and the rest of the world) have to worry about now are other nerds.

Nerds have ultimately taken their revenge on the whole world.