What I am doing right now

What I am doing right now, inspired by nownownow.com


I’m a dad.

Outdoor activities

Biking, boating, camping, paddleboarding, slacklining, surfing, hiking, longboarding, and generally hanging out in nature as much as possible


Informal essay collections, documentation, poetry, small illustrated guidebooks, like A Little Coffee Guidebook along with occasional editing and proofreading projects


Lately lots of reading related to art, auto maintenance, machine learning, philosophy, and always academic papers related to computing, cryptography and security, plus occasional poetry


Currently using Go, Python, and shell daily; learning Rust and games programming with Lua, but always looking to explore new things and improve on my abilities — some of personal projects


Shallow and deep ives into topics of interest, such as twentieth century art and artists, Artificial Intelligence, information security, reverse engineering, and the radio frequency spectrum