What I am doing right now — inspired bynownownow.com

#DadOps — dad to a couple of great kids, helping them in their journeys by teaching, providing, and spending quality time doing fun stuff

Programming — Currently learning Golang and programming games with Lua, but always looking to explore new things and improve on my abilities — some of my personal projects

Writing — informal essay collections, documentation, poetry, small illustrated guidebooks and editing and proofreading

Reading — lately lots of Thoreau, classics on stoicism, academic papers related to computing, cryptography and security, plus the occasional novel

Outdoor activities — camping, boating, slacklining, hiking, longboarding, surfing, and generally hanging out in nature as much as possible

Research — informal dives into topics of interest, such as twentieth century art and artists, distributed systems, information security, and the radio frequency spectrum

Sailing — Gradually increasing knowledge of sailing, famous sailors, and journeys across the vast blue sea


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