Personal Projects

Compelled to create and experiment, I frequently embark on jaunts involving synthesis of experience and thinking through a range of media.

The results are mostly harmless and seldom taken too seriously.

Here are some examples of my favorite personal projects.

Inspiration comes in many formsScene from a sketchbook with accompanying Bluetooth hardware

When all else fails, blame it on an art experiment.

Ansible Vault Role

Ansible Vault Role

You can keep a secret with this one awesome trick!

Vault is a significant part of my complete breakfast, so I created an Ansible role to deploy it for all of my morning meditations.



The delicate art of snippet curation with pet and peco

The hashipets project is a TOML formatted file full of awesome HashiCorp tool command line snippets for pet

Ansible Nomad Role

Ansible Nomad Role

An amazing application workload scheduler

Nomad is the best open source, cross-platform scheduler since the Swiss Federal Railways! This Ansible role deploys it.

Ansible Consul Role

Ansible Consul Role

Deploy the best in service mesh technology!

Consul has the best service discovery story of all time, so I created an Ansibe role that builds Consul clusters.



Herd nerds with Node.js, the GitHub API and Metalsmith

Quick and dirty hack to herd nerds from a given location into a static website. Example: Boone nerds

Tor Timeline

Tor Timeline

A timeline of activities and events related to Tor

This timeline covers a range of significant activities and events around Tor software, the Tor network, and the Tor project.

Longboard Today

Longboard Today logo

Sharing the stoke of longboarding around the world

I'm a longboarder and web fanatic, so I built a (now decommissioned) web application to curate and share longboarding content.

Water Everywhere

Water Everywhere cover

A collection of words about two bodies of water

From wild rivers to calm lakes, to oceans and hundreds of miles in between, a small collection of verses about water

A Little Coffee Guidebook

A Little Coffee Guidebook

Coffee is my preferred fuel of creativity and nerdliness.

A good friend once remarked that I should formally document my daily coffee rituals and so I did.



A balanced life can be rewarding and also a lot of fun too!

Slacklining is a challenging but simple pasttime — I built a web app to showcase the worldwide joy of this activity.

Ninjas and Rockstars

Ninjas and Rockstars

Nothing like a headcount full of resources to program your unicorn!

Whether we're in a tech bulge or bubble, there is no doubt that computering for money sure inspires strange haiku...

Ansible Hubot Role

Ansible Hubot Role

DevOps a chatting robot for various values of great justice!

I am a huge fan of automation and while wary of robots in general, I do appreciate helpful ones which lack physical form.

Is it Raining in Portland?

Is it Raining in Portland?

Ultra sophisticated PDX meteorological microsite

I ♥ Portland and the weather there is almost as well known as its weirdness, so why not amuse the world by accurately predicting it?

Ansible Couchbase Server

Ansible Couchbase Server

Automagically assemble a NoSQL database for big data stuff!

Whether you are close to the metal or in the cloud, this project will help you spin up Couchbase Server clusters.

Happiness Tryouts

Happiness Tryouts

A favorite literary pastime and element of mindfulness

No mind all the time — the challenge of storytelling with limited means encourages precise recall and being careful with words.

NaN Cat

NaN Cat

A feline based informal JavaScript mascot with meme appeal

For some time I was making parody logo images and designing silly concepts for mascots.

Apologies in Advance

Apologies in Advance

Similar to concatenating random output to a printer

Some bits of older long form poetry I've written over the last decade or so on no central theme in particular



828 tiles extracted from a photograph of artist Vik Muniz

I really dig Vik Muniz' style — his great portaits beautifully composed of thoughtful object arrangement are most inspiring.


These are some of the Twitter bots I've built over the years; they are mostly for personal amusement and experimentation with different programming techniques. I also wrote a short introductory article aimed at those who are interested in making their own:Twitter Bots


It's common for data to reside in The Cloud; this robutt places data into my or your butt instead


Tweets saucy insults throughout the day; send it an @ message and it will respond with an insult


Inspired by the venerable @pizzadad1, this bot represents just a dad who likes his sushi


As with games, so too with this bot — the only winning move is not to play


Tweeting about cypherpunk stuff and random politically-heavy topics in a confusing manner


Mostly retired to the south of France, this bot questions the attribution of all things Banksy


Bemusing tweets by one of the world's favorite accidental open source revolutionaries


This bot recommends random condiments to those talking about delicious things


Famous hip dude from Portland wants you to know that your Twitter trending topic is OVER!


A robot that dispenses the most pirate-y of insults available on this series of tubes


Made of the late great Wesley Willis' magic song lyrics, this bot whoops a fire hydrants ass!


Mysterious markov-chain-generated tweets from the creator of Bitcoin


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