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My humble attempt at English language punctuation character invention

An illustration of the invented English punctuation character Questlonger, by Brian Shumate, which looks like a question mark combined with an ellipsis.

Today I invented what I think is an exciting new form of punctuation.

Allow me to introduce the Questlonger.

What exactly is a Questlonger? It's a simple bit of punctuation that combines all of the unfinished tension of an ellipsis with the curiosity of a question mark.

The intent is to demonstrate an unfinished question or question which will not readily be answerable in the text immediately surrounding a Questlonger.

Of course, were it not for the wonderful television show Futurama (opens in a new tab), I could not have so easily arrived at the name for such an odd thing.

For that, I am very grateful to the awesome Professor Farnsworth and his wonderful invention, the Fing-Longer.

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